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There is a big array of outdoor lights available in the market for you to choose. Here are some tips to help you. Among the many different types, it will make a difference if you do some homework before you do your final selection. We will now highlight multiple types of outdoor lights to help you with the same.

1. Floodlights

Floodlights are the perfect option when you want to illuminate a large area. They come in all shapes and sizes from 10watts to 200watts. You can choose the floodlights as per the size of area to be illuminated and decor. Many of them include motion sensors as well which means that only when there is activity in the area, they will illuminate it. The motion sensing capability will help you save on electricity costs.

If you frequently have get-togethers in your backyard or on your lawn, a floodlight is a must. It will allow you to illuminate the entire area with the flick of a button. Floodlights are as versatile as they can get when it comes to outdoor lighting. Available in white, warm, blue, red, green, pink and RGB.

2. Streetlights or Pole-lights

Lights on tall poles are an alternative for floodlights to fill your outdoors with light, especially a large area. Pole lights can be decorative to match with that of your home or that can be something like  a generic pipe-mounted streetlight. Take care to install waterproof LEDs and luminaries on external pole lights. Streetlights are also available with day-night sensors too.

Solar led streetlights are also available in the market for those landscapes without wiring. These lights are all built-in, with solar panel, rechargeable batter and led luminary. Only job is to mount them on to the pole – no need of connections. Most of them comes with desk-to-dawn sensors and also motion sensor.

3. Landscaping lights

Landscape lights are lights which help you in enhancing the outdoor beauty of your home. These lights usually illuminate features around your house like lawns, trees, and other natural aspects. Some of the landscaping lights include:

  • Up-lights are typically used to illuminate larger objects like trees. Spike lights are available in 3watts, 5watts and 9watts. Floodlights also can be used for this purpose.
  • Down-lights are also known as moonlights. These are placed at a height and aim downwards. They make the subject appear wider.
  • Shadow lights strive to create a large shadow of the object in focus. The placement of these lights is such that the subject falls between the light and the shadow casting surface.

Thus, when you’re looking for outdoor lights, landscaping lights are an option which you cannot ignore.

4. Security lights

The security lights aim to illuminate the designated spot in your premises. These also include motion sensor lights which illuminate the area when someone is around. Most of the security lights are wall mounted. Some examples include:

  • Flush mounted foot-lamps
  • surface mounted foot lamps
  • Wall mounted downlights
  • Bulkhead lights

These lights aim to be highly efficient so that they can illuminate a large area. If you’re looking for outdoor lights specifically for security purpose, you can consider these options.

5. Spotlights

The purpose of the spotlight is opposite that of a floodlight. A spotlight illuminates only a limited area. However, the level of illumination is on the higher side. The illuminated area can be the door, entry or exit point or the stairs. You can even use spotlights for highlighting the landscaping features of your garden. If you have a single entry and exit point, you can use spotlight for illuminating that as well. Thus, when you need to focus on a precise area, spotlights can fulfil that function.

6. Solar lights

Solar lights are available in many variants. The USP of these lights is that they are easy to install. You need to connect them with the solar panel. The solar panel in most cases is pole mountable. It means that it will not occupy a significant amount of space outdoors. Since they come in all shapes and form these days, you can easily choose the one which matches the decor of your home.

7. Driveway & Path Lights

Driveway and path lights are also known as navigation lights. The driveway lights are responsible for illuminating the way from the street or the pavement up to the garage. You can easily install the motion sensor driveway lights to make it easier for you to illuminate the area. You can integrate them with the garage door to make it easier for you to get proper illumination.

Path lights, on the other hand, are smaller in size and close to the ground. These lights aim to help you in moving around your premises. You can install them beside the pathways around your home. It will help you in covering the entire perimeter of your home. Thus, with the help of these navigation lights, it is effortless to illuminate the exterior area of your home.

8. Bollard lights

Backyard lights are for the sole purpose of making your backyard more functional after the sunset. These come in all shapes and sizes. There are some lights which you need to hang along the wall of your home. There are some others which you can erect like a pole on a stand-alone basis. A lot depends on the decor of your home. If you have a pool in the yard, you can integrate backyard lights with the pool lights. There are mood lighting options also available when you’re looking for backyard lights. It is now time to start using your backyard after the sunset rather than just heading indoors.

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